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Yashtech maintains the highest levels of certifications and authorisation with some of the best manufacturers of IT equipment in the world. Our high levels of authorisations combined with our experienced and knowledgeable sales team with a passion for customer service and attention to detail make Yashtexh's product fulfilment service a "best in class" solution. We provide this service while offering best of breed products to our customers. Our high-level vendor authorisations combined with our experienced sales team allows Yashtech to provide IT product fulfilment timely, competitively and efficiently. This translates into our clients achieving the best possible value for their IT spend.

Server, Storage, & Desktop Virtualisation
Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a mid-size business, whether you need a lot of assistance or just a little, we're here to lend a hand, and take you through the process and make better use of your IT infrastructure. 

Every day, you're faced with the challenge of increasing efficiencies and reducing costs to gain or maintain a competitive advantage. Are you really making the best use of your IT investments? You need a solution, and you want it customised to your requirements. Virtualisation could be your answer.

Among IT consulting firms, Yashtech data Solutions stands out from the crowd in guiding businesses and their IT departments to the rewards of virtualisation. We offer server, storage, and desktop virtualisation solutions that deliver the results you expect - and more. Complete the form on the right to learn more.

Server Virtualisation
Combat Server Sprawl 

Your servers are taking over, and you don't like it one bit. They're taking up too much space, breaking your budget, and running up your energy bill. The time has come to put your overgrown servers on a virtualisation diet. Whether UNIX or x86 based servers, we have the expertise and experience to solve server sprawl, streamline your operations, and save you money. We can help as little or as much as you need - from helpful guidance to a turnkey project. Our job is to reduce your IT headaches and help you win the battle against server sprawl.

Storage Virtualisation
Before You Buy another Terabyte 

You need more storage, and today it's cheaper than ever. But before you run out and buy another terabyte or two, consider this: you may already have all the storage you need. Storage virtualisation allows you to unlock the potential of the storage you already have. By virtualizing your storage - including the storage sitting within your server pool - you free up unused storage space and streamline your data storage capabilities. Through technologies and best practices, we can help take the cost and complexity out of your IT infrastructure.

Desktop Virtualisation
A Virtual Advantage 

Worried about data security and backup? Looking to cut down on IT equipment costs? What about reducing the burden of having to visit each end-user computer to install software? A virtual desktop solves these problems - and more. With desktop virtualisation, users enjoy the benefits of a desktop machine, and you'll enjoy the benefits of a centralised system. You'll be updating every user's software from a single location, securing sensitive information, and enjoying a lower cost of ownership per user. We'll work with you to assess your needs, design a strategy and implement desktop virtualisation. Then, sit back and watch as your virtual advantage saves you real time and real money.


Virtualisation increases the complexity of network security as enterprises try to balance the protection of data with the need for access.

Cloud computing is expected to see rapid adoption over the next several years with installations of cloud computing services.

By leveraging the latest storage technologies, Yashtech Data Solutions can reduce costs, and create the best solution to fit your needs.

We helps you virtualise your existing IT resources, the sooner you can start focusing on business strategy rather than technology.

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