IT Infrastructure optimisation is more important and more difficult than ever. Add an IT initiative like a data centre move, server and storage consolidation, virtualisation or simple strategic planning into the mix and a detailed understanding of your infrastructure becomes even more crucial.

Data centre discovery tools used by our team are well known throughout the industry and will pass your security review as they are agent-free and do not access your sensitive and confidential information. The output delivers information simply, accurately and right when you need it. These offerings will save you time and money, and take the risk out of your IT infrastructure initiatives.

Are you interested in taking the next step towards mastering the art of managing complex IT infrastructure? Call us today or contact us online to get your questions answered and start creating a data centre assessment plan so that we can provide an IT Optimisation solution for your specific needs.

Assessments that hit the mark:

Before starting a consolidation and/or virtualisation project, the initial assessment effort will have a huge impact on the success of your project. We have a series of assessment tools that we leverage. No one tool does it all! Our data centre assessment may utilise one or more of the world class, tried and proven, best of breed tools. We understand that tools cannot deduce your corporate standards, preferences, constraints or application ownership. We also supplement the tool(s) discovery data with years of experience in optimising thousands of servers and we tailor the assessment and project approach to your organisation.

Data Centre Optimisation Assessment Tools:

Whether you are going to consolidate, virtualise or both. tools vary in specialisation. IT Optimisation by Yashtech is an industry leader in data centre discovery, resource utilisation determination and credentialed inventory. Lanamark enhances an assessment by diving deep into various categories of dependencies and in delivering graphical depictions that provide efficiencies in interpreting information. SAN Aware focuses on storage discovery and Optimisation. Solarwinds is very strong in monitoring and analysing application/workload performance. These different specialisation and complementary tools are detailed below:


Lanamark provides storage discovery and SAN optimisation. It performs mapping and discovery of data storage in the SAN environment, then generates recommendations to help your IT associates make potentially cost saving decisions, including recommendations to help improve utilisation and reclaim under-utilised data storage and improve the accuracy of storage user chargebacks for Line of Business.


Virtualisation increases the complexity of network security as enterprises try to balance the protection of data with the need for access.

Cloud computing is expected to see rapid adoption over the next several years with installations of cloud computing services.

By leveraging the latest storage technologies, Yashtech Data Solutions can reduce costs, and create the best solution to fit your needs.

We helps you virtualise your existing IT resources, the sooner you can start focusing on business strategy rather than technology.

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